Daniel Hartley is a Gospel Reggae Artist from a Roots Reggae background operating out of Manchester, UK. Although he was raised as a Protestant Christian, later embracing Rastafari culture, Daniel now communicates from an Orthodox Christian perspective. 

That’s because he is now a member of the Orthodox Church, most unusual, mind you, for someone born and raised in Jamaica. Even so, he aptly shares Christ from this new found perspective in alluringly dulcet tones.

about daniel hartley

What is Gospel Reggae?

A cross between the style of Gregory Isaacs and flow of John Holt is Daniel Hartley inside Gospel Reggae. He defends his switch from Roots Reggae to Gospel as an inevitable progression of his journey towards Salvation. Notwithstanding, he doesn’t really see any difference in the musical style except in the focus of the lyrics. 

“Roots reggae tend to focus on Rastafari faith and culture while Gospel reggae focuses on Salvation and life in Christ”.  Albeit Gospel Reggae is the more adventurous of the two, venturing into the dancehall and the trap arena even.

Current release

Daniel Hartley Music released three stomping singles during 2019 and is fixing to drop lots more for 2020. His latest, Confessions with its smooth, layered vocals and deep bassline, has been enjoying massive airplay and great response from DJs and listeners alike. Read more of the story here. The song, relating how an unkempt backyard is like an unkept life and heart, was produced by Sefton Simpson.

Mission, vision and values

With a firm belief in the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God, Daniel is pressing on with love. His experience of life in Christ is leading him to share this wonderful message of hope with everyone through music. Therefore, he is now recording new material for release in 2020 in preparation to take the show on the road.
We are the song of God and God is our song. We harmonise to His melody as He pipes the harp of His Spirit in us. This is how we live and move and have our being in Him, as it is written. Just my observations, right or wrong. — DH
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